Wall Retexturing Services in Denver: Residential and Commercial

If you’re browsing this page, you might be curious about our wall retexturing services, or perhaps you’re interested in understanding our process. Whether you’re contemplating a DIY project or considering hiring professional painters to retexture your walls, we’re here to assist you. Our painting team, based in Denver, is committed to serving the entire Denver Metro area. We take pride in our A+ BBB Rating and our presence on reputable contractor lists like Team Dave Logan. We’re eagerly waiting to address your wall texture needs.

Our Process for Wall Retexturing

Our Process for Wall Retexturing 

  1. Removal of existing texture: The first step in wall retexturing involves removing the existing surface. This can be accomplished by spraying warm water and scraping off the old texture (applicable for Acoustic Texture) or by scraping or knocking off the edges of rough surfaces (applicable for Crowfoot). 
  2. Drywall repairs: Next, we undertake any necessary drywall repairs. This step can be demanding, but it is crucial before proceeding to the next phase. Using a suitable joint compound and spreading the tape wide enough is essential. The amount of water you need to add depends on how thick or thin you cover the spot. 
  3. Application of texture compound: The compound is then applied using a roller, brush, or sprayer. Remember that a longer nap roller will yield more texture, while a shorter nap roller will give less texture. We often use several coats of mud to smooth and level the area before applying the surface. 
  4. Drying of texture: We ensure that the surface is allowed to dry completely before we proceed to the next step. This holds even for wallpaper installation. 
  5. Priming and painting: The final steps involve priming and painting the walls. This will be done in accordance with what we discussed during our complimentary color consultation.
Choosing Your Texture

Choosing Your Texture

You might be unsure about the different types of textures or which surface to choose for your walls. Here are some popular surfaces we see in Denver, although there are many more:

  1. Knockdown Texture (Most Common): This texture involves applying a compound layer and then knocking it down with a putty knife before it dries, resulting in a random bumpy texture.
  2. Spray Texture: This involves a mixture of joint compound and water sprayed on the wall, creating a uniform texture.
  3. Stipple Texture: This compound is applied to the wall with a brush, creating a slight and dotted texture.
  4. Velvet Texture: To create a Velvet Texture, a piece of fabric is gently dragged over the texture applied on the wall, resulting in a soft, velvety surface.

Other texture types include orange peel, sand swirl, skip towel, and slap brush. The product we use depends on the amount of texture you want on your walls. 

Wall Retexturing in Denver 

Choosing the right texture for your home or business can dramatically alter its style. For instance, we recommend the Velvet Texture if you’re aiming for a modern look. For a more rustic appeal, Knockdown Texture could be a good choice. Ultimately, the selection is based on your personal preference and the style of the specific room. Retexturing can be messy, so we suggest starting with small sections to allow for a more careful approach. A level can be used to ensure even texture. Always wear a dust mask to protect yourself from dust during sanding.

Wall Retexturing in Denver

Performance Painting Services in Denver

Wall retexturing is often part of a larger home remodeling project. That’s why, aside from retexturing, we provide a range of services such as interior and exterior painting, remodeling, drywall repair and installation, popcorn ceiling removal, door installation, flooring, fence staining, window replacement, siding repair and replacement, tile backsplash installation, countertop installation, tub refinishing, trim and crown molding installation, cabinet painting, and much more. We also work with our Performance Roofing team in Denver for all your roofing and gutter needs. 

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